Write a Post

Want to write a post on politics? That’s great—I can’t wait to publish it! There’s no better way to stimulate discussion than to publish posts from multiple viewpoints. Here are just a few guidelines to consider…

Who do I want posts from?

Anyone! But as a Democrat, I would especially love posts from people who identify with other political parties. I’d love to get the discussion going!

If you’re from outside of America, I’d love your opinion too! It’s always nice to read about perspectives from outside the country.

What do I want posts about?

Anything! If it’s politics, I welcome it. But here are a few ideas…

  • Hot topics—nothing gets the discussion going better!
  • Recent events—these don’t have to be hot topics. I’d love posts on lesser-known events. You can take this as your opportunity to spread the word.

What do I not want posts about?

Not much. I’d like to think I’m pretty welcoming. But I have an exception or two…

  • Personal rants—I like to encourage civil and respectful discussion here, and any sort of rant is likely to be inflammatory.

What should guest posters look out for?

I welcome your contributions. In fact, I absolutely love them. But I do ask that you keep to a few rules…

  • No inflammatory statements—this blog is for everyone, and I don’t want to offend anyone. Inflammatory statements will be deleted.
  • No discrimination—like I said, this blog is for everyone. Discriminatory comments will be deleted.
  • Cite any sources—this way everyone can check your information and decide for themselves if it’s trustworthy.

I may add to this list later on. But for now, I’ll quote this blog’s title—please use common sense. 🙂

Still want to write for me?

Here’s a form so we can get a dialogue going. You’re welcome to email me your post at perseshow AT gmail DOT com, but I would prefer to have a conversation first. Don’t worry, I’m not scary!



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