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Hello! Welcome to Common Sense Politics (US). If you’d like to engage in discussion but would prefer not to comment publicly, go ahead and drop me a line! I respond to all my email, and I promise to respect your views.

In demonstration of good faith, I’ve made the “Name” field optional. You don’t have to give a name, but I’d love it if you did, even if it’s made up. I need your email because that’s the way the contact form works. Aside from that, all I need is your comment!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Science at Your Doorstep A place to learn and and explore the world of science…free of technical jargon and insurmountable walls of text.

Facebook Page: Science at Your Doorstep

The Sojourns of Star Trek This is still a baby blog and most of its content is incomplete, but I hope to get it up and running smoothly one of these days. It’s a fan base for all things Star Trek.

Facebook Page: The Sojourns of Star Trek

Toleventures Home to tales of my adventures with my friends aboard the three-masted schooner, Tole Mour.

Common Sense Politics (US) An American take on common sense in politics.

FictionPress A site for original works such as poetry and fiction. On my account, I post mainly poetry, but there’s also a short story.

Booksie Same story as above.

Archive of Our Own A fan fiction site—on my account, I post mainly Star Trek works.

FanFiction Same story as above.

Ad AstraStar Trek fan fiction site on which I post my works.





Old Content Archive This is a separate blog that contains all material, formerly posted to, that no longer belongs here.